HOOSICK FALLS PRODUCTIONS is an innovative television production company founded by the Emmy-nominated producer/director/writer GEORGE VERSCHOOR. VERSCHOOR is considered one of the pioneers of reality programming, having first introduced the television audience to the “seven strangers picked to live in a loft” of THE REAL WORLD, the noir universe of MURDER IN SMALL TOWN X and the hip-hip misadventures of JAMIE KENNEDY’S BLOWIN’ UP. Dedicated to creating quality entertainment across all genres, HOOSICK FALLS also has a rich history of scripted comedies (SON OF THE BEACH, AUSTIN STORIES,) nail-biting documentaries (THE WOMEN OF K2) and crowd-pleasing LIVE music competitions (NASHVILLE STAR.)

With an eye toward “what’s next” on the programming horizon, VERSCHOOR and HOOSICK FALLS strive to create and/or produce breakthrough series and specials.

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