In Memoriam: Angel Juarbe, Jr.


Among the many first-responders who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11 was a young firefighter named Angel Juarbe Junior. He had already finished his morning shift when the call came in, but decided to go out and help. 

We had the pleasure of working with Angel on a TV show shortly before his tragic death. Angel was a finalist on “Murder in Small Town X”, where we quickly learned to love his incredible personality and willingness to help others. Angel eventually beat all the other contestants to win in the final episode of the series, which aired September 4th, a mere week before 9/11.

Just as 9/11 changed America, meeting Angel changed everyone of us. So, on this 10th anniversary, as we join the rest of the nation to remember those that were lost, we pause a little bit longer… to remember Angel, and to remember the family he left behind.

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