Hosted by Ty Pennington and featuring celebrities such as Elton John, Katy Perry, and First Lady Michelle Obama, this feel-good home improvement show partnered with millions of volunteers to build hundreds of homes for deserving families across the country.  Over it’s nine season run, it received two Emmys, multiple nominations, and hundreds of other awards.  George Verschoor executive produced two seasons of this primetime reality series.


Developed & produced by GEORGE VERSCHOOR and HOOSICK FALLS PRODUCTIONS, “Scrappers” follows several real-life scrap-metal crews as they scour the streets to find their treasure. “Scrappers” is a workplace comedy like viewers have never seen it, set in the streets of Brooklyn, where every day is a battle to make a buck. To survive in the scrap business you have to be ruthless and these “Scrappers” are the toughest in the game. It premiers August 3rd on Spike TV.

NASHVILLE STAR (Seasons 1 & 2)

“Nashville Star” recently completed airing its 6th season on NBC, followed by its 6th successful nationwide tour. Created by George Verschoor and Ben Silverman, each season of this successful series begins with a nationwide grassroots search for America’s next great music star. Then, the series airs LIVE every week from Nashville, Tennessee. “Nashville Star” alumni have gone on to earn several gold albums, and recently, contestant Miranda Lambert achieved Platinum status and earned the “Album of the Year” trophy from the Academy of Country Music Awards.


THE REAL WORLD (Seasons 1-4)

Verschoor developed, produced, and directed the first four season of the original reality sensation that introduced us to seven strangers, picked to live in a loft, to find out what happens when people start being polite and start being real.


This soft-scripted comedy followed comedian/actor Jamie Kennedy as he set out to launch a  successful rap career with the help of his sidekick Stu. Guest stars included Tracy Morgan, Method Man, Three Six Mafia and Russell Simmons. To date, Jamie and Stu’s “Circle Circle Dot Dot” has had over 12 million hits on YouTube, and their tribute to Bob Saget “Rollin with Saget,” has launched almost a hundred tribute videos. In the series finale, Jamie and Stu signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records and released their hit debut album “Blowin’ Up.”


This groundbreaking series was the first reality/scripted hybrid to air on television - an unscripted drama series in which ten ordinary people compete to track down a fictional killer in a town filled with improvisational actors playing the suspects and witnesses. Described by Entertainment Weekly as “ahead of its time,” the series later aired on the BBC under the title “The Murder Game”


This reality comedy introduced America to rising hip-hop act Shwayze and launched two hit singles: “Buzzin,” and “Corona and Lime,” as well as a sold-out concert tour.


Verschoor executive produced and directed the pilot for “Fear,” which brought several innovations to the reality show genre, including the use of body-mounted cameras to have contestants film their own journeys through the haunted locations. The series had two successful seasons filled with jaw-dropping moments.


E! aired two seasons of this hilarious and well-intentioned dating series that attempted to find love for B-list celebrities. Among its cult following, this show will always be remembered for showing us Gary Coleman’s date literally picking him up. Over 18 episodes, our cameras were there to capture every awkward moment on the road to love.

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